Weeking Hemp, Tencel and Organic Cotton Boosters

Weeking Hemp, Tencel and Organic Cotton Boosters

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Sometimes nappies need a little boost, particularly to help them go through the night or last longer such as during naps or long car journeys and these hemp and organic cotton boosters provide a slim and natural fibre boost

Made of 30% Tencel, 35% Hemp and 35% Organic Cotton these boosters combine the fast-absorbing qualities of cotton and ability of hemp and tencel to hold large capacities of liquid and are handmade retaining the natural fibre colour.

 Sold as singles

How to use

Place vertically on top of the centre of your nappy to boost in the wetzone.

How to wash and dry

Once used, wash as you would your nappies.

Wash at 40-60 degrees (40 is best if used on one baby, baby is 3 months+ and well). Do not use fabric conditioner.

Dry naturally if possible. Low tumble only.  Can be placed on warm (but not hot) radiators to speed drying but air dry is best.