Starter Newborn Bundle
Starter Newborn Bundle
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Starter Newborn Bundle

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Want a brilliant newborn bundle at 20% off the list price safe in the knowledge that everything you have is perfect for a newborn? Then this bundle is for you!

Flat nappies work perfectly from birth to potty but are particularly useful at the newborn stage as you are changing lots of nappies and want something that firstly contains those explosive newborn poops, but also that dries nice and quickly. 

For full time use with a newborn it is ideal to have 18-24 flats and 6-8 wraps, see here for our useful post on clothing newborns. Though we realise people like to use a mix of flats and wraps alongside other 'modern' cloth nappies or disposables.

This bundle gives you 18 flats and three wraps all highly suitable for the newborn stage AND the flats can even be used through to potty training, long after the newborn stage is (sadly?) behind you. 

This bundle includes:

It also comes with:

RRP of individual items including Little Lamb wraps is £89 

RRP of individual items including Frog and Bear wraps is £78

You will find you will need fewer flats and wraps than you would if you used 'modern' cloth nappies such as pocket nappies or all in ones as flats are substantially quicker to dry (and so can go back on the bum sooner), and you can reuse a wrap several times. 

Please indicate which are your preferred wrap prints in the notes section at the checkout.

*Newborn wrap will last until baby is around 12-15lbs after which you can continue to use all the above flats till potty training by padfolding them in bigger wraps.

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How to use

All these flats can be fitted to baby using a nappy fastener or you can simply padfold the prefold, and birdseye flat and lay it in a wrap.

Detailed descriptions for each product including how to wash them can be found on each product page.