Fleece Liners 10 pack Bells Bumz

Fleece Liners 10 pack Bells Bumz

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These lovely Bells Bumz fleece liners are made from ultra-soft microfleece, these and will save you both time and money as you won’t have to buy more! The fleece will act as a stay dry layer while also making poo removal easier.

Microfleece is an extruded filament nothing really sticks to it.

Suitable to use with all nappy systems.

Size approximately 13.5 x 35cm
Pack of 10.

How to use

 Lay on top of the nappy in the wet zone to keep baby feeling drier and to make the removal of solids easier.

 How to wash and dry

Pre-wash once before use on a short gentle wash (30/40 degrees) to fluff up and remove manufacturing residue and to create absorbency. Dry naturally.

Once in use, wash at 40-60 degrees 

Dry naturally if possible. Low tumble only.