Introduction to cloth bundle

Introduction to cloth bundle

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Want to dip your toe in the cloth waters? Or perhaps you want to bulk out your cloth nappy collection or even want an ideal holiday bundle or gift for cloth curious parents  

We have got you covered with this BEST SELLERS bundle 

This bundle contains:

RRP separately £42.50

The 100% cotton super slim flats are kind of magic! Incredibly absorbent for their weight and very, very fast drying these cotton flat nappies are a perfect and sustainable natural fibre for use in cloth nappies. A faster absorber than bamboo these nappies work well to catch those flooding wees and are super, super slim. These dry in a matter of hours outside once the spring comes.

Print allocation will be random but if you leave a note in the checkout we will try and meet your request!

How to use

For super reliable, incredibly fast drying cloth nappies simply fold the birdseye cotton flats in to a rectangular pad and lay them in the wraps and then fit the wrap to baby.

You can reuse the wraps three times by simply wiping them out with a wet cloth and replacing the absorbent pad. If the wrap gets poo on it then it will need a full wash.

Store your dirty nappies in the wet bag till wash day 

Prints of wraps and wet bags will be random but please put your desired prints in the notes section at the checkout and, subject to stock levels, will meet your request.


How to wash and dry

 Wash at 40-60 degrees. Do not use fabric conditioner.

Dry naturally if possible. The cotton flats can be tumbled on low or placed on radiators to speed drying but are unlikely to need it as they dry even in the depths of winter in less than a day with some airflow. It is not advised to tumble dry the wraps or wet bag.