Pepsu Tencel Pre flat (in stock)
Pepsu Tencel Pre flat (in stock)
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Pepsu Tencel Pre flat (in stock)

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Brand new to the UK market (and at the moment, exclusive to The Flats Company) these pre flats are made of Tencel; a brilliant, highly sustainable, fast drying and super absorbent fabric perfect for flat nappies. More on the brilliant properties of Tencel here.

Super slim, super stretchy, super absorbent, super-fast drying!

Made of two layers of Tencel and one of organic Cotton jersey these pre flats are just gorgeous. The cut of these pre flats also allows you to fold down the wings for added layers of absorbency.

Suitable for day time use unboosted and overnight with your chosen boost (we use a trifold or hemp booster)

Material: inner layer 93% tencel, 7% elastane, outer layer 95% GOTS organic cotton, 5% elastane

One size fits most- A super slim nappy, could easily fit a newborn without being bulky and fits my 2.5 year old with ease.

How to use

A video showing a newborn version of the pre flat can be found here which shows how to fold and fit. These can be fitted to baby with a nappy fastener such as a pin or nippa, cover with a waterproof wrap and make sure all the nappy is tucked inside the wrap to prevent leaks.

For extra absorbency add a booster inside the flat, or outside between the flat and the wrap to avoid compromising the fit of the fold.

Top with a fleece or disposable liner to keep baby dry and to simplify the disposal of solids (post weaning).

Remember, you can reuse your wraps 3-4 times by wiping them out with a wet cloth if they do not come in to contact with poo.

How to wash and dry

Pre-wash once before use on a short gentle wash (30/40 degrees) to remove manufacturing residue. Dry naturally.

Once in use, wash at 40-60 degrees. Do not use fabric conditioner.

Dry naturally if possible. Can be placed on radiators to speed drying.

Low tumble only but they are very fast drying anyway and we found dried in less than two hours on a warm radiator