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Poppets Lanolin 100g

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Poppets Lanolin is 100% Pure Anhydrous Lanolin which is scented with a with gorgeous 'sugar crush' fragrance which is a rich, fruity fragrance with sweet vanilla and cherry almond. Honestly, it smells divine!

 This scented lanolin will give your wool nappy covers a delicate scent and a natural water resistant layer and wont smell 'sheepy' like some lanolin treatments.

Lanolin is extracted from freshly shorn sheeps wool and is a natural byproduct of the sheering process. When you have a new wool nappy cover, it will have been striped of lanolin so by lanolising the wool cover you are creating the natural water repelling, evaporation properties back into the wool.

How to use

For clear and easy follow guidance on how to use this lanolin and to treat your new wool cover see here.

Lanolin can also be used as an intensive treatment for chapped lips and dry skin.