Love your Wool Bundle
Love your Wool Bundle
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Love your Wool Bundle

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Do you want:

  • An incredibly breathable, gentle and beautiful cover for your cloth nappies which are soft against babies skin leaving no sock marks even overnight?
  • A seriously environmentally friendly and sustainable option for use with your baby?
  • To have 15% off everything you need to care for your wool and precise easy to follow instructions?

Then our gloriously luxurious ‘Love your Wool’ bundle is perfect for you or as a gift for the nappy lover in your life! 

This bundle includes a wool cover of your choosing and the full poppets wool care collection including:

  • Poppets Wool Wash Soap 80g
  • Poppets Lanolin 100G
  • Poppets Wool Maintenance Spray 100ml 

Buying this bundle saves you 15% across all the Poppets Wool Care products compared to buying the items separately.

Made from 100% extra fine merino wool these beautiful wraps are handmade in the UK and are the perfect cover for your cloth nappies.

Unlike PUL or fleece covers, these wonderful wool wraps don’t shed ANY microplastics in to our oceans (read more about this here) and once in regular use only need to be gently handwashed every 3 weeks (sometimes even longer) as long as they don’t come in to contact with poo.

Wool wraps are also brilliant for babies in hot climates, with sensitive skin or eczema as it allows their skin to breathe. Wool is a wonderful textile; in the summer it keeps baby cool and, in the winter, helps keep them warm. It is an incredible natural fabric.

We currently stock four different sizes

Small: 3-6 months

Medium: 6-12 months

Large: 12-24 months

Extra large: 2-4 years

These wool wraps need to be lanolised before use, information about what this means is below.

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How to use

Some people are put off wool due to the lanolising process, but if you know how to make a lasagne or make a frothy fancy coffee at home then we would suggest that you are equally capable of lanolising a beautiful wool cover! And we stock everything you need to do this in beautiful non sheepy smelling (lanolin comes from sheep wool) scents using the Poppets Wool Care products.

When you get your wool wrap gently handwash it in tepid water using wool soap or baby bath/soap. What we mean by handwashing is: submerge in water, gently massage, leave it for a bit, turn inside out and repeat.

Then lanolise your wool before use, detailed descriptions on how to do this can be found here.

Dry and then put on baby, allow to air each day and then just hand wash every month or so! Your wool cover will need lanolising at each wash but you can use the lanolin maintenance spray between washes to help boost the lanolin and keep smelling divine!

How to wash

Handwash only. Do not wring out, simply press, excess liquid out and lay flat to dry (do not hang from a line). More information and guidance here.