How to Wash

We provide clear guidance on how to wash and care for EVERY item that we sell, and you can find this under the description of each product which we hope will be useful even if you don’t shop with us.

First wash

We advise all new flat nappies are given a gentle prewash to remove manufacturing residue. For bamboo and hemp based products, this first wash will also help to start building up absorbency which will increase in the first few washes.

The first wash only needs to be short with either no, or just half a dose, of powder detergent at 30-40 degrees. Or just put it in with your next cool(ish) wash.

It is important to not subject delicate bamboo fibers to a long hot wash straight away as it can damage the fibers and the frame on which the delicate loop fibers sit.

Regular washing guidelines

We believe, and have found for ourselves, that a simple approach to washing is really effective especially with flats. As such we recommend the following:

1) If baby is weaned tip solids down the toilet, a reusable fleece liner can make the removal easier. If baby is not weaned then skip this stage as pre weaning poo is water soluble

2) Dry pail (store) in a ‘wet bag’, nappy pail, or open basket (we personally prefer wet bags, but its individual choice). We recommend not leaving dirty nappies longer than three days before washing

3) On wash day empty all your nappies into the washing machine ensuring it is no more than three quarters full to allow good agitation during the cycle and put on for a prewash of around 30 minutes in duration at around 40 degrees. You can add half a dose of powder detergent or none at all. We don’t add any

4) After the prewash is done, put on for a full wash with a dose of powder detergent for 2.5hours+ at 40-60 degrees. It is advised to wash at 60 until baby is 3 months old, after this 40 is fine. It is not recommended that you wash regularly on or above 60 with delicate bamboo fibers as it may reduce their life span. Cotton is hardier however and can take hot washes with ease

Remember: You do not need to do daily prewashes with flat nappies if you don’t want to (we don’t), as unlike ‘modern cloth nappies’, which often have multiple layers of densely packed fabric, most flat nappies unfold flat and their layers are highly permeable so do not need intensive washing! Just another reason flats are FAB!

This is just a guide so feel free to find out what works for you and don’t hesitate to contact us on if you want support or advice when it comes to washing.

Try and remember, ITS JUST LAUNDRY!
You got this x