How many nappies do I need? (Newborn)

At the newborn stage you will be changing your little ones nappy every 2-3 hours

By folding the nappy and fitting it to baby you will get added containment not just within the wrap but within the fold, so assuming no 💩 touches the wrap, you can wipe out and reuse the wrap multiple times before washing (you can also hand wash wraps too)

We suggest for full time use, washing every two days:

18-24 flats
6-8 wraps
One three pack of nappy fasteners

You might want to buy a mix of fast drying muslins/cotton flats and longer drying but more absorbent bamboo flats and 50cm terries

But remember all those flats (even the little 50cm ones) can still be used till baby potty trains

🤍 50cm flats can be padfolded on the top of a folded nappy in the ‘wet zone’ or doubled up with another flat nappy for an added boost

🤍And cotton muslins work brilliantly for flooders when baby is older by doubling it up with a terry

This is why we love flats, they are just so versatile and economical!