Our Mission

 We decided to create The Flats Company quite simply because we LOVE flat nappies and other cloth based reusable items and we believe that a stripped back, back-to-basics, simple approach to cloth can be one of the most affordable as well as effective. So, whilst we think ‘modern cloth nappies’ (pocket nappies, all in one nappies etc) are awesome, you won’t find any here! 

We are led by our core company values and promise to only retail products which are sustainable,  affordable, ethical and beautiful. This means we only stock products from UK and carefully selected international brands which meet our high standards in manufacturing and employment ethics and who have strong sustainability credentials. This also means you know the carbon footprint of your purchases are as small as possible and that all our items meet UK safety standards.
Here at The Flats Company we work with other small (most often women-led) businesses to provide you high quality, sustainable and beautiful handmade items as well as those from larger and longstanding businesses who in some cases have been serving the cloth community for decades. All of our nappies are made from natural fibres that are sustainable and which don’t shed large volumes microplastics into our waters.

We KNOW that flat nappies can be intimidating, and so on every product page  you will find a detailed description of each item, information on how to use them, how to wash and how to dry them. Further guidance can also be found on our how to Wash, Dry, Fold, Fit and Size pages

We honestly believe that with just a little practice, and guidance from us, you will find out for yourself how versatile, reliable, economical, efficient and beautiful this approach to ‘cloth nappying’ can actually be!