All nappies, whether that’s a disposable, ‘modern’ or ‘traditional’ cloth nappy takes a little practice to fit correctly and without leaks. One of the significant benefits of flat nappies is that they can all be adapted to fit baby, whereas some people find it a (costly) process of trial and error to find modern cloth nappies which suit and fits their baby well.

Below are some useful videos to get you started

Flat Nappy summary -what flats are and how to use them, shared with permission from the Leicester Cloth Nappy Library (13mins)

See here for how to fit a flat nappy to baby using a nappy fastener

Every flat nappy needs a waterproof or water-resistant wrap or cover to go over the top.

See here for a video on how to fit a typical wrap

See here how to jelly roll the legs on a baby to improve containment

How to use prefolds and wraps, shared with permission from Innes Vautier

How to fit a pre flat, shared with permission from Little Pants Nappies