How many nappies do I need? (Birth to Potty, 10lbs+)

Once you are beyond the newborn stage and babies skin is a (little) less delicate, you will be changing nappies less frequently (phew!). 

It is advised that you change at the following frequency depending on the age of baby:

  • Babies 8 weeks to 6 months old (pre weaning)- Every 2.5-3 hours
  • 6 to 12 months- Every three hours 
  • One year and older- Usually 4-5 nappy changes in a 24 hour period.

It is important however that you find what works for you and your baby.

By folding a flat nappy and fitting it to baby you will get added containment not just within the wrap but within the fold, so assuming no 💩 touches the wrap you can wipe out and reuse the wrap multiple times before washing (you can also hand wash wraps too)

We suggest for full time use, once baby is weaned and when washing every two days you may need:

15-20 Flats
6-8 wraps
One three pack of nappy fasteners

 Having this many flats allows two days of use before washing and allows another days use whilst nappies are washing and drying. 

This number also gives you the opportunity to double up flats or use flats as boosters.

Once baby is weaned or with toddlers parents might use wool wraps overnight or pull ups

You might want to buy a mix of fast drying muslins/cotton flats and longer drying but more absorbent bamboo flats and 60cm terries.

Sometimes babies outgrow 60cm terries before potty training, at which point you could just pad fold slimmer flats inside wraps (like muslins, pre folds and birdseye cotton flats) or purchase 70cm terries.