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Bells Bumz Bamboo Wipes 10pk

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These lovely and soft reusable bamboo wipes with a signature rainbow trim are great for hands and face as well as nappy changes. They have a super soft smooth side and one with exposed soft bamboo loop for a little more grip when cleaning.

Pack of 10

 Size- 14cmx18cm

 How to use

Reusable wipes of all kinds can be pre wetted and stored in a waterproof container or you can wet as you go.

These wipes work beautifully with clean water, or for added luxury for you and baby use with the delightful Poppets

Their double layer also mean they make great make up remover and cleansing cloths.

How to wash and dry

Once used, you can put your reusable wipes in the same place you put your nappies (nappy pail or wet bag) or you can put them in a separate mesh bag which will keep them all together in the wash. It is personal preference. If they go into the machine ‘loose’ just remember to spin the machine with your hand to identify any errant wipes stuck to the drum in a similar way that you might do when checking for missing socks.

Wash at 40-60 degrees (40 is best if used on one baby, baby is 3 months+ and well). Do not use fabric conditioner. Washing regularly at 60 may reduce lifespan.

Dry naturally if possible. Low tumble only.  Can be placed on warm (but not hot) radiators to speed drying but air dry is best. If you are using them pre-wetted then you don’t need to wait for them to dry between uses