Bells Bumz Double Wet Bag

Bells Bumz Double Wet Bag

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'Wet bags' are used to hold dry or dirty nappies before they need to be washed. They are waterproof and can be used for a variety of things beyond cloth nappies such as storing shoes, swimming kit, a change of clothes or even use as a bag for your clothes pegs to hang on the line. 

This medium wet bag is 30cmx40cm and can fit five nappies and wraps with ease. It has a double zipper so you can keep your clean and wet nappies separate. 

Perfect for at home but also out and about 

Two prints to match the Bells Bumz wraps: Ocean Stargazer and Dreamcatcher

How to use and wash

Put your clean or dirty nappies in the bag, on wash day unzip the bag and tip the dirty nappies in to the washing machine and pop the wet bag in with it. 

Wash no hotter than 60

Tumble drying not advised, you will find this dries very quickly especially if you turn it inside out once out of the washing machine