Birth to Potty Cotton Terry Taster

Birth to Potty Cotton Terry Taster

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Give a terry a try with this little taster bundle!

This listing is for a Birth to Potty Cotton Terry Taster and includes the following options:

  • A 60cm Cotton terry
  • A 60cm Cotton terry and a Little Lamb Nappy Fastener (the best ‘nippa’ on the market in our opinion) -See why here
  • A 60cm Cotton terry, a Little Lamb Nappy Fastener and a birth to potty wrap  (10lbs-35lbs) Saving over 20% Discount on the wrap

A random wrap print will be issued as part of this bundle but preferences provided in the comments box at the checkout will be met as much as is possible.

These fluffy white terries are 100% cotton, a perfect and sustainable natural fibre for use in cloth nappies. A faster absorber than bamboo these nappies work well to catch those flooding wees and, whilst thicker, are slightly less expensive than the 100% bamboo and are less delicate so can be tumble dried hot and put directly on the radiator. 

How to use

These can be fitted to baby with a nappy fastener such as a pin or nippa, cover with a waterproof wrap and make sure all the nappy is tucked inside the wrap to prevent leaks. Alternatively, padfold into a wrap or stuff into a pocket. 

Folds we like to use include: Kite, Jo, and Bat fold across all ages- see here for a how to video  

When baby outgrows Jo and/or Bat fold we also like the Gaynor fold which gives nice wide wings to go round squishy tummies. 

For extra absorbency fold with a slimmer flat such as muslin or birdseye flat (simply lay flat on top of one another and fold together), or boost by adding a hemp insert or booster. Can be used with great success overnight.

Top with a fleece or disposable liner to keep baby dry and to simplify the disposal of solids (post weaning).

Remember, you can reuse your wraps 3-4 times by wiping them out with a wet cloth if they do not come in to contact with poo.

How to wash and dry

Be gentle with me

Pre-wash once before use on a short gentle wash (30/40 degrees) to fluff up, set the bamboo loop fabric within its frame, remove manufacturing residue and to create absorbency.

It is very important that the first wash is gentle, as 100% bamboo fabric is particularly vulnerable to damage and washing on a low heat on the first wash will also help minimise shrinkage

Dry naturally

Once in use, wash at 40-60 degrees but no hotter (40 is best if used on one baby, baby is 3 months+ and well). Do not use fabric conditioner. Washing regularly at 60 degrees over a long period of time (more than the first three months of baby’s life) may reduce the products lifespan.

Dry naturally if possible. Low tumble only. Do not place on direct heat like radiators as it can melt delicate bamboo fibres and make them stiff.