Butterfly Print Pumpkin and Pickle PUL Pull Up Wrap

Butterfly Print Pumpkin and Pickle PUL Pull Up Wrap

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*Re stock arriving in around 3 weeks!*

These beautiful PUL (waterproof laminate) pull-up nappy wraps are handmade in South East England and have gorgeously soft fleece cuffs and waist band. Suitable for use at night and during the day, they are very quick and easy to put on and remove so are really great for use with active babies and toddlers. The super, super gentle fleece cuffs also mean no so-called ‘sock marks’ on baby’s legs.  

Medium: 3-9 Months Approx Waist: 43-48 Thighs up to 30cm 

Large: 8-18 Months Approx Waist: 46-54cm Thighs up to 35cm

Extra Large: 14-36 Months Approx Waist: 52-60cm Thighs up to 40cm

These sizes are a guide, you may find that as the sizing on these are quite generous that they will last beyond the 'max' age range. If you are between sizes, it is always best to size up as these are designed to have a loose fit.

We have found that a medium Pumpkin and Pickle cover is the same size as a Large Petite Lulu cover (which we don’t stock. 

Discounts not eligible on this special handmade item.

How to use

Pull up wraps work best once baby is weaned or when those explosive and wet newborn poos are able to be securely contained in a nappy which is folded and secured to baby. After all, no one wants to pull a poop smeared wrap down babies legs! These wraps can be used day and night and are excellent due to the speed you can put them on to baby. They work particularly nicely overnight when baby is in a wrap for a long period of time as the soft cuffs are so, so gentle on their legs and tummy. To prevent leaks, ensure the absorbent part of the nappy doesnt touch the fleece cuffs as this could cause wicking of moisture which could transfer to babies clothes. However if you have a front sleeping baby, whose nappy is often dry or only a little damp at the back, then (speaking from experience) you will most likely be fine.

Secure your flat nappy to baby and then pull these over the nappy making sure all the absorbent parts are covered by the wrap. We use these pull ups over flat nappies fitted to baby and the nappy fastener never catches on the wrap. You do however need to fit the nappy securely using the nappy fastener as this wrap sits loosely over the nappy and so wont work to hold it in place. This also means you cannot padfold flats inside this particular wrap. It is however the loose fit (a bit like our bloomies) which allows such good airflow enabling baby to feel cool and comfortable.

Once removed turn the wrap inside out and give it a wipe with a wet cloth and leave to air. These wraps can be used several times this way before they need a full wash (similar to most wraps).

How to wash and dry

Wash on 40-60 degrees. Do not use fabric conditioner. Air dry inside or outside. Do not tumble dry or place on a radiator as it will damage the PUL.