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If you want to secure your nappies to baby, and not just padfold in to wraps (though this makes a great option) they you will need a nappy fastener. We have tried several different types and brands of nappy fasteners and have decided to stock these ones from Little Lamb which we really rate! 

Little Lamb Nappy Fasteners are an alternative to a nappy pin which can be quite daunting to use and this pack contains 3 nappy fasteners.

You might see different sized nappy fasteners but this onesize is suitable for newborn to potty training

These three nappy fasteners should last you years.

How to use 

1)Hook one side of your fastener to the nappy just above one leg whilst holding the nappy in place.

2) Stretch your fastener across to the other side and hook onto the fabric above the other leg.

3) Pull your fastener down to catch on the fabric between the legs creating a Y shape. You want to create a Y rather than T shape to ensure a secure fit.

Now the nappy is secured in a safe and well balanced manner providing a high degree of containment without the risk of baby being poked by pins.

How to wash and dry

Your Nappy Fastener can be washed with warm water or wiped down with a wet wipe and will last for years. You can wash your fastener between each use if you want, or as often as baby gives you the chance.