Nature Babies Fleece Cuff Multi-Wrap Red

Nature Babies Fleece Cuff Multi-Wrap Red

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BRAND NEW from the lovely Nature Babies, fleece cuffed multi wraps!

These high quality and incredibly durable side poppering wraps (similar to bloomies) are made from Heritage hard wearing double thickness PUL and made very nearby to The Flats Company HQ in Leicestershire. These wonderful wraps have been handmade in the UK for over 20 years. With super soft fleece leg cuffs with three popper settings and three further popper settings around the waist a truly customisable and comfortable fit is possible!

And all of the Nature Babies range are made specially to use with flats but these also work well over fitted nappies.

 Size two- Waist  11 to 18 inches  Legs :  8.5 to 11.5 inches

Size three- Waist 13 to 19 inches  Legs : 10 to 13.5 inches)

Age wise, I have seen the size 2 fit from 3 months of age especially if babe has some chunky legs and the size 3 currently fits my 28lbs 2 year old with ample room for growth  

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How to use

Once you have secured your nappy to baby, then cover with this wrap being sure to pull the wings up in a (sort of) 45-degree angle and then over baby’s waist and secure via the snaps. Make sure all the beautiful fluff from the nappy is covered by the wrap and nothing is poking out particularly round the legs.

See this wrap and how to fit here

How to wash and dry

These wraps are incredibly durable and can be washed regularly at 60 degrees with no problem. Do not use fabric conditioner. These wraps can be tumbled on low, though air drying inside or outside is preferred.

Remember, you can reuse your wraps 3-4 times by wiping them out with a wet cloth if they do not come in to contact with poo.