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Have you heard about how fast drying flats are, how absorbent and economical they can be but just find the idea fitting them to baby with a fastener to just be a bit ‘much’?

You can still use flats everyday just by shaping them into pads (rectangles, see a video here) and you can stuff them into pockets or lay them in wraps. And remember, unlike a pocket nappy you can reuse a wrap multiple times before it needs to be washed.

‘Mr Flats Company’ is a big fan of pad folding and he has specially selected three flats which he regularly pad folds in to wraps for you to try. No need for a nappy fastener, just lay in a wrap or stuff in and pocket and see how absorbent these natural fibres can be.

We bet you will find them more absorbent and faster drying than most of your existing nappy inserts!

This bundle includes

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How to use

Shape flat into a rectangle and lay in a wrap or stuff in a pocket.

How to wash and dry

Detailed descriptions for each product including how to wash and dry them can be found below

Cotton pre fold-

Birdseye Cotton Flat 70cm-

Cotton muslin-