Poppets Dusting Powder
Poppets Dusting Powder
Poppets Dusting Powder
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Poppets Dusting Powder

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 A beautiful TALC FREE powder that is perfect to use after bathing or at nappy change time to help absorb any excess moisture keeping baby soft, smooth & comfortable.

Made using 100% natural clays and powders each with unique properties which are also vegan friendly, talc free and gently scented with signature fragrance oils 

Poppets Original - A fresh, clean heavenly fragrance with calming chamomile and lavender. 

Sugar Crush - A sweet, rich, fruity fragrance with sweet vanilla and cherry almond.

Wishes - A soft and powdery fragrance with notes of sweet frosted sugar plum. A truly beautiful scent which is both warm and comforting.  

Available in a tin or refill pouch

How to use 
Pat dry skin before application, sprinkle a small amount in to the palm of your hand and apply to skin in nappy area. Always be careful to avoid baby's face.
Also can be used to avoid dribble rash and the dreaded ‘neck cheese’ 
Other uses include as a sand remover at the beach and dry shampoo!
Becky at Poppets says:
Poppets Dusting Powder has been formulated by parents for parents.
Being a baby powder mum the first time around, (20 years ago now, yikes) when I had Wednesday I wanted a safe 'talc free' alternative to use at nappy change, bath time etc which proved difficult to source, especially as we were trying to make more eco conscious choices and preferred a plastic free option. 
So we decided to created our own recipe of natural powders which was a resounding success as not only had we created something that was 'talc free' but we had formulated a silky soft dusting powder with many beneficial properties.
The blend of natural powders we have used make our dusting powder the perfect baby product to help protect, nourish, calm, heal and soothe babies skin. It is gentle enough that it can be used as an everyday preventative as well as aiding recovery.
For us personally, the main reason for using a baby powder was to help dry baby after bathing and cleansing at nappy change.
The smallest amount is needed and is perfect to used in creases ensuring baby is completely dry which reduces the risk of sores and chaffing without harsh rubbing or drying out of the skin.
We hope our product will be as beneficial to many parents as it is to us. We use it for many different things in our household. After swimming, at the beach, 'chub rub' in the summer and even as a dry shampoo by the teenagers!


Key Features

Safe & Gentle On Baby's Delicate Skin

Soothing & Healing Properties

Vegan Friendly

Smooth, Nourish & Refresh

Made With Love In Yorkshire, UK

Natural & Talc Free

Plastic Free - Refill Options available


Bentonite, Kaolin, Zea Mays Starch, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Ulmus Fulva Bark Extract, Parfum (Natural parfum free)


 How to use

You will need a clean sealable tub to fill with your chosen wipes. One Poppet will make a maximum of one litre of lightly fragranced solution and will dampen around 20-25 wipes. You may want to wet a smaller amount of wipes and one Poppet will still be fine or you can cut them in half to make your supply last longer.

Boil some water and pour in to a measuring jug and over the Poppet and stir till it has melted (around 30 seconds) and then pour over your wipes. As the water is sterile your wipes will stay fresh for up to five days. 

Simply dissolve in water and pour over wipes and set aside till use. Can be used on hands, faces and at nappy changes.

A useful ‘how to use’ video can be found here