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Triangle Fleece Liners 4pk
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Triangle Fleece Liners 4pk

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One of the reasons why flat nappies are so effective at containing moisture, and therefore preventing leaks, is because the whole nappy (the flat) is absorbent rather than just the nappy insert as is the case in most modern cloth nappies. However this means that moisture can spread across babies groin area, up to their hips. These rectangle fleece liners cover the WHOLE of the flat meaning baby stays cool and dry, especially at night when they may otherwise feel some wetness. Fleece liners also make the disposal of solids easier.

100% Polyester

Approximately 63cm across the longest edge and 32cm top to bottom providing a nice coverage over birth to potty sizing flats. These can also be used at the newborn stage by simply folding in half to make a smaller triangle. 

Sold in packs of four. Prints will be randomly allocated though feel free to indicate your preference in the notes section at the checkout.

How to use

Unlike rectangular shaped fleece liners which just covers the centre of the nappy, these triangle liners cover the whole thing and works particularly well when using the following folds: Bat/Origami, Gaynor, Pickman, and Kite. 

Simply lay over the top of your folded nappy before fitting to baby as usual.

How to wash

Pre wash before first use to remove manufacturing residue. Made of non pillable fleece, though some limited bobbling is normal.

Wash between 40-60 degrees with the rest of your nappies.